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Why Every Jacksonville Property Owner Needs a Standard Make-Ready Process

Why Every Jacksonville Property Owner Needs a Standard Make-Ready Process

How do you get rentals ready for new tenants? Today we'll talk about why every rental property owner in Jacksonville FL needs a standardized make-ready process. 

Property owners need to be aware of the issues that can happen without a standard process, like slowing down the rental property's turnover time, missing critical cleaning or repair tasks, and giving renters a negative move-in experience. What's the benefit of standardizing this process? Learn more from our expert Jacksonville property management team!

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What is the Make-Ready Process?

The make-ready process is the procedure used to make a rental property look its best for new renters. Landlords need to have essential tasks completed before new tenants arrive, such as painting if necessary, replacing carpets with hardwood floors or vinyl flooring (if requested), installing window coverings and draperies if needed, checking appliances for safety, updating bathrooms by removing old fixtures like toilets and sinks that are in poor condition or too low from the ground (these may not be ADA compliant), plus making sure there's hot water available at all taps.

These tasks can slow down turnover time when landlords are doing them themselves because they take time (and skill) to complete. However, property management professionals know how quickly all of this work can get done!

Why Is "Standard" Better? 

If you own multiple rental properties, treating each unit as an individual task and going about it without a plan can lead to more time and money spent on each property. The benefits of having a standard process are that it gets finished faster than individual units treated like one-offs, plus you're not missing any crucial steps (like installing window coverings). All this translates into less work overall! 

Even if you only have one Jacksonville rental property, having a standard process expedites the make-ready tasks and minimizes downtime between renters paying the rent. A standard process helps you deliver a quality rental property that's ready for new residents every time. 

It also means every tenant will have a better experience because everything they need is done. In other words, no surprises! Happy renters on move-in day help you start a positive, long-term relationship with your new renters. 

What Should My Make-Ready Process Include?

When going through a standard make-ready process, the first step is cleaning up your  Jacksonville rental's interior spaces from top to bottom so that you're removing any dust or debris left behind after construction work, home improvements, or repairs have been completed. Next, go outside your rental and inspect exterior areas for anything like broken windows or siding damage caused during renovation work that might need repair. 

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By using a checklist, real estate investment property owners can tackle everything that needs to be done before a new renter can safely move into your property. However, with multiple properties, sometimes investors find it more time and cost-efficient to outsource the work to a property management company! 

Full Service Property Management Can Handle the Make-Ready Process For You

Property management professionals know what tasks need to be completed before the rental becomes available for new tenants and which ones can wait until a later date when there's an open moment in the schedule or budget.

Property management pros already have a standard make-ready process for your property so that it's always ready when you need it. When you add another property to your real estate investment portfolio, there's no guesswork or delays getting it ready to hit the rental market and be a renter's next home. A Jacksonville property management company will take care of all the hard work and have everything done right the first time!

Reduce Downtime and Lost Income With a Standard Process

Without the right experience or available contractors, landlords might not be able to get their properties up to par before new renters move in. Without completing necessary tasks like making sure the unit is clean and sanitary or fixing damages caused during renovations,  Jacksonville owners can slow down the vacancy period and risk damaging reputation with future tenants. You also lose income every day that your rental sits empty until a new resident can move in. 

Hiring a property manager might feel like an "expense" until investors realize the time and money they save with faster turn times between renters! Standardizing the make-ready process with professional property managers in Jacksonville FL is one of the best ways to delight new tenants and maximize returns. 

Standardize the Make-Ready Process With a Jacksonville FL Property Manager

Getting a Jacksonville rental ready for new residents is a lot of work! From top to bottom and inside out, never miss a critical task that delivers a clean and safe home to your new tenants. Spectrum Realty Services is here to help with your make-ready process! We're already set up with the property management expertise, contractors, resources, and a checklist to get the job done for you while minimizing downtime and income loss. Before it's time for your new renter to move in, let's talk about how we can help!

Learn more about how to get rentals ready for tenants! Download our free Make-Ready Checklist. 

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