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What Should You Look for in Jacksonville Property Managers?

What Should You Look for in Jacksonville Property Managers?

Jacksonville rental property owners have options when it comes to the successful management of their investments. Should you manage on your own—or trust the work to the right experts? 

Many investors enjoy the free time (and better revenue) that comes when hiring a property manager to care for rental properties. When choosing professional Jacksonville property managers, here's what to look for!

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An Up-To-Date Website

Most property managers have a website, but if it's out of date or hard to navigate, they might not be the right fit for your Jacksonville rentals. 

Having a website that isn't current with the latest information or easy to use could be a sign of bad overall management. If a property manager can't maintain a helpful website, will they be able to maintain your rentals expertly?

When reviewing a potential property management company's website, look for:

  • Easy-to-find contact information
  • Clear information about services
  • Where they offer their services
  • Quality rental listings for available properties
  • Helpful resources (like blog content) that demonstrate their expertise

The best Jacksonville property managers should welcome you with a professional-quality website that helps you learn more about who they are and their services. 

Clean and Organized Office Space

Don't stop at the website! When you find a few property managers that seem like a good fit, it's time for in-person or virtual face-to-face meetings. This is an opportunity to see the people you will potentially work with and get a look at their operations. 

Look for Jacksonville property managers with a clean and organized office. Even if you're on a virtual meeting, take note of what's in the background and in their meeting space. Most professional property managers won't have stacks of boxes or clutter during these face-to-face conversations. 

If a property management company has a well-maintained and organized office, they will probably keep your property in the same manner. However, if they appear messy or disorganized, chances are that your properties won't receive the attention they need to stay in excellent condition and profitable. 

A property that is well managed, clean, and organized attracts quality tenants. Make sure your property manager can deliver!

Professional Marketing Materials and Listings

How is the quality of their property marketing materials and rental listings? Take time to review listings posted by a property manager on their own website and some of the most highly trafficked rental search sites. 

Offline marketing efforts should also be professional. From yard signage to printed pieces and business cards, make sure a property manager in Jacksonville can represent your rentals with the highest professionalism and every interaction.

Online Rent Payment Methods

We live in the digital age when tenants prefer online methods for paying rent. If a potential property manager only accepts rent checks (or cash), they won't be able to market your rentals effectively or collect the rent from quality residents! 

The capacity to accept online payments increases the appeal of your rentals and keeps them competitive in the Jacksonville market. Online payments are also more secure, which reduces the chance of fraudulent payments.

Online Portals for Owners and Tenants

The online capacity of a property manager should go well beyond accepting payments. They should also be able to have an online platform from which they can manage your property.

Tenants should be able to communicate about maintenance issues, make payments, and keep up with their accounts through a secure online portal. Property owners should also have 24/7 access through a portal to review financial reports and communicate with their property management team. 

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Excellent References and Reviews 

When you find potential property managers in Jacksonville that meet most (or all) of the criteria above, be sure to check online reviews and get references. Talk with other rental property owners in Jacksonville and pay attention to positive (and negative) reviews from other industry professionals—and tenants.

Renters won't stick around if they have bad experiences with a property manager. The right property management company boosts your revenue and helps tenants feel safe and comfortable in your properties! 

Don't Forget Contractors

Excellent property managers build good relationships with the best maintenance contractors in the area. If quality vendors don't like working with a property manager, pay attention to those reviews, too. 

To keep your rentals well-maintained and respond to tenant maintenance emergencies, your property manager must deliver the best maintenance and repair services. To do this, they need strong relationships with excellent contractors to respond quickly with quality repairs. If contractors don't want to work with your property manager, the quality of your properties suffers, and tenants become unhappy. 

Choose the Best Jacksonville Property Managers

Start your search for the best Jacksonville property managers with the most qualified professionals in the area! Spectrum Realty Services as the experience rental property owners need to maximize revenue and care for rental properties. With an outstanding reputation in the market, we're here to help you deliver the best rentals in Jacksonville. Let's talk soon!

For more information on what to look for in a property manager, download our free resource, "The Guide to Finding the Best Jacksonville Property Management company."


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