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What Does a Jacksonville Property Manager Do? Here's How They Can Help

What Does a Jacksonville Property Manager Do? Here's How They Can Help

One of the most profitable moves you can make as a property owner is hiring a property management company. Even though many property owners choose to operate without professional help, they miss out on a lot. Jacksonville property managers will improve your revenue over time. They take on most of the stress that comes with being a property manager so you don’t have to. Here are a few ways that property management companies set a foundation of success for property owners.

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Filling Rental Properties Fast

With the help of Jacksonville property managers, you will be able to fill your rental units fast. Empty properties aren’t earning you money. Every day that passes with your unit being vacant is affecting your cash flow.

There are several reasons why you may have trouble bringing renters in. Perhaps you have poor marketing techniques or your prices are too high. The right management companies bring lots of skills to the table. They have an ear on the ground and may let you know what renters want.

They update you on the emerging trends and ensure that you stand out from competitors. After bringing potential tenants in, they can close a deal and turn potentials into loyal renters.

Handling Potential Disputes

Property management companies help property owners get through potential disputes. Even though they are part of the business, disputes are never pleasant. They can turn into costly legal troubles. Management companies step in as mediators and legal advisors. If renters have any issues, they can handle them on your behalf. Minor issues do not have to reach your ear. Property managers keep your documentation simple and clear. They ensure that both you and your renters understand policies.

Keeping Up Appearances

Property management will help you maintain a formal ‘façade’ for your renters. Having formal communication channels, official letterhead and a dress code for your staff say you are professional. Professionalism will help you earn the trust of renters. It makes them feel more secure.

The perception that you are an official organization improves your retention rates. It also attracts good renters.

Equipment and Fleet

Managing rental units takes a lot of time and effort. The more units you have, the bigger the workload. You have more resources and equipment to care for. If you are like most property owners, you may not have the time to care for your property's exterior.

Property management companies have trained teams of service providers. They can handle all aspects of property management. You may be able to tap into a fleet of equipment to help. Some property management companies will hire contractors on your behalf.

Liability Insurance

As a property owner, you will need liability insurance. Unfortunately, your home insurance policy does not cover properties that you rent out. After hiring Jacksonville property managers, you benefit from their liability insurance. The insurance covers the company in their daily operations. Most property managers take on many high-risk duties. They include rent collection and renter screening. If any issues arise, the company is covered. You can have peace of mind since there is a safety net to cover you for any legal defense.

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Renter Screening

Picking the wrong renters may not seem very problematic at first, but it can bring out many issues in the future. One of the most important things that a property management company can do for you is screening your renters. Effective screening processes keep bad renters away. They ensure that you only bring reliable and trustable renters.

The laws governing renter screening processes vary depending on your location. If you go about them without professional help, you may get into legal trouble. You need an experienced property manager for legal compliance.


If you have multiple rental units, it may be difficult to care for all of them the same way. If, for example, one of your properties has seven units and another one has only one, you may find yourself neglecting the property with one unit.  When working with a property management company, you have the assurance that all your properties receive the attention they deserve.

The company you choose may help you come up with consistent and airtight policies for all your rental units.  This does not only promote a sense of professionalism but also ensures that no unit is overlooked.

They Know What Works

When working independently, guesswork may be your only choice. A series of trials and errors before you figure out how things work is expensive and a waste of time. Jacksonville property managers already know what works. With their help, you don’t need to lose revenue or waste time trying out different processes and strategies. They have clear systems to handle every part of management including leasing and renewals, rent collection, financial reporting, and renter screening.

Working with property managers is a great idea. They provide the support you need to maximize ROI without wasting your time or money. If you're ready to find the right property manager for the job, download our free guide today!


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