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Key Marketing Benefits of Hiring Jacksonville Property Managemenet

Key Marketing Benefits of Hiring Jacksonville Property Managemenet

Updated March 8, 2022

Managing your rental property requires a lot of time and effort. If you are on a tight 9-5 job work schedule coupled with the need for family time, you might struggle to keep up with maintenance, rent collection, handle tenant requests, and market empty properties to find new renters quickly. 

You probably know that a property manager can handle maintenance and collect the rent, but they're also your best resources when it's time to market rental properties! Keep reading to learn a few of the key marketing benefits of adding Jacksonville property management to your tool belt of landlord resources.

Potential Renters Ready to Go

Any empty rental unit in your real estate portfolio translates to a loss in income each passing day. It's worse if you don't have the necessary resources to attract potential renters. When you hand over that responsibility to property managersthey know the best ways to source tenants without starting from scratch.

Property managers have a list of excellent rental prospects that can be your next tenants. The endless list of renters they screen throughout the year gives them the experience to quickly know the renters who can occupy your building without causing any issues.

Starting with a database of vetted potential tenants can help reduce vacancy times for investors. However, if any of these known and approved renters aren't the right fit for your property, your property manager wastes no time using other tools and strategies to get the word out about your vacancy.

With excellent property listings and an understanding of the Jacksonville market, the right property manager starts collecting new rental applications and moving them quickly through the screening procedure to minimize vacancy time and lost income. 

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More Marketing For Less

Marketing your property is about more than just yard signs and printed brochures. Your online listings must stand out to attract quality renters, but reaching your target audience on various listing sites can be costly without the benefits of a property manager.

With an excellent property management company, you pay less for high-quality listings while enhancing your reach. Since investment managers handle multiple properties, they have the power to purchase en masse. As a result, they can list your rental units on various sites at an affordable price due to the volume of listings under their management. Property managers also have access to listings sites that you might not be able to utilize without an industry professional. 

Listings Stand Out from the Competition

Experienced rental managers also know how to create property listings that stand out in Jacksonville so that potential renters don't scroll on by. If your listings don't catch the attention of excellent renters, your property continues to sit vacant. 

The best property managers capture all the essentials required in a professional listing to get the attention of quality tenants. If your current listings aren't grabbing anyone's attention or generating applications from renters who meet your criteria, it's time to let an expert apply the right strategies to boost the listing's visibility. 

Jacksonville property management companies use some of the following techniques when listing your property:

  • Writing compelling text to tell the story of your property while highlighting its best perks

  • Taking professional photos that show the best features within your rental units and make them stand out

  • Highlighting nearby amenities, neighborhood features, schools, and other things renters look for when considering a home

Maximizing your reach with quality listings helps rental property owners find quality renters faster! 

Improved Retention Rates

While you may only focus on the effects of lost rent from a vacant rental, a high tenant turnover rate also comes with other problems. Dealing with tenants frequently coming and going means you have to regularly change locks, do a thorough cleaning, paint walls, work on repairs, and more—every time you need to find a new tenant. 

A professional Jacksonville property management company implements a thorough screening process as rental applications come in. With the right marketing approach, your listings attract quality potential renters—but that's only part of finding and placing the best renters in your properties!

Expert marketing and professional tenant screening work together to help investors enjoy quality long-term residents who take good care of their properties, pay the rent on time, and renew their leases. Using a property manager to create professional listings and utilize their resources to list a property and choose renters who are ideal for your rentals means you experience better ROIs!

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Minimize Vacancy Times With Jacksonville Property Management Marketing

Let the experts take the hassles of property listings and finding new tenants off your plate! Spectrum Realty Services knows the Jacksonville market and how to find quality renters while reducing vacancy times for your rental properties.

We never sacrifice quality to find a tenant quickly! We know that only the best quality residents boost your bottom line. With our marketing strategies, property owners don't have to worry about weeks (or months) with an empty property and income loss. If you're not finding the renters you need as quickly as you need them, click the link below, and let's talk about how we can help!


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