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Jacksonville Property Management Tips to Improve Turnaround Times Between Renters

Jacksonville Property Management Tips to Improve Turnaround Times Between Renters

Investing in Jacksonville real estate is a smart idea, but sometimes investors experience challenges that delay or reduce income throughout the year. Managing rental properties can be challenging when finding the ideal process to maximize your income while reducing the turnaround time between renters. 

Whether it's a single-family rental or traditional apartment complex, we have some expert property management solutions for Jacksonville, Fl landlords looking to improve their make-readies and turnaround times!

How Long Should It Take?

While a property manager will tell you that there are not standard timeframes for turning a property between tenants, the answer to "how long" it should take is "fast!" Depending on the type and size of the property, the condition it's in after residents leave, and your resources, the make-ready process can take a few days to a week or two. 

Ideally, a rental should be ready for new renters to move in as soon as possible after current residents move out. Minimizing that downtime between tenants helps rental property owners reduce income loss for the days (or weeks) you might need to clean, repair, and get a property ready for new residents. 

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What Does It Take To Get a Rental Property Ready?

While faster turnarounds are important, skipping critical steps in the make-ready process to speed things up can lead to liabilities and more income loss than a couple of extra days with an empty real estate investment property. Take the time you need to be thorough, but follow a process that can help you reduce the amount of time your make-readies take. 

Property management experts recommend that an excellent make-ready includes:

  • Deep cleaning. Don't skip anything! From floors to walls and window blinds, give everything a wipe-down, dusting, or thorough scrubbing. New renters want to feel like they're moving into a clean and sanitized home. 
  • Thorough repairs. Now is the time to fix anything (and everything) that's broken and replace things that no longer work (or could stop working soon). 
  • Upgrades. Significant renovations can prolong turnaround times. However, making minor, smart updates during the make-ready can help welcome new tenants without adding significant amounts of time to the process. 

With a standard process and the right resources, make-readies can happen smoothly without extending the time your Jacksonville rental properties sit empty between tenants. 

Follow a Standard Process

A property manager in Jacksonville will tell you that few things are worse than when new residents move in and find a broken toilet, strange smells, or a dirty refrigerator. 

Whether you handle it on your own or use contractors or other helpers, a property management expert creates a standard process and uses it every time. When everyone on your team knows what needs to be done to turn a rental (and the quality you want), every make-ready happens almost like clockwork! 

Plus, every new renter has a high-quality, well-maintained, and clean property to welcome them on move-in day. 

Speed Up Your Turnarounds

What are the best ways to reduce the downtime (and income loss) between renters? Property management experts in Jacksonville apply best practices to minimize the number of days a property sits empty without a renter paying the rent! 

A property management team recommends speeding up turnarounds by:

  • Starting the renewal process early. As soon as you find out that a tenant doesn't intend to renew, grab your make-ready checklist and start preparing for everything that needs to be done after the renter moves out. 
  • Keeping supplies in stock. Do you have a standard color of paint you use for your rentals? Make sure you have plenty of paint, caulk, carpeting cleaning solution, and other supplies you'll need in advance. 
  • Scheduling contractors ASAP. If you depend on contractors to clean or repair the property, make sure you give them plenty of notice about when you'll need them in your property. Book them in advance and make sure they can be there as soon as your current residents move out. 
  • Following a checklist. Make sure you don't skip a step! Follow a thorough checklist to tackle every task as quickly (and thoroughly) as possible. 

With reliable contractors, plenty of lead time, and a checklist, rental owners can speed up turnarounds. However, if you're still struggling to move more quickly through this processor you don't have the supplies or contractors to get the job donehire a Jacksonville property management company to handle it for you! 

Property managers know that time (and quality) are of the essence when transitioning a property from current residents to new tenants. They deliver everything you need (from supplies to manpower and experience) to carry out quick and effective make-readies. 

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Enjoy Faster Turnarounds With Jacksonville Property Management Services

There is no set time for how long a make-ready should take, but property owners can apply best practices to speed up turnarounds while minimizing income loss. We’ve outlined some of the most important steps in getting your house ready for new renters. If you don't have the resources to conduct quick and effective property turns, we recommend hiring a Jacksonville property management company! 

Spectrum Realty Services has a proven process and the resources rental property owners need to reduce turnaround times without sacrificing the "wow" factor when welcoming new tenants into a well-maintained home. Let us tell you more about we can help with our expert property management services!

Learn more about what to include in a standard turnaround process! Download our free Make-Ready Checklist. 


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