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Handling Make-Readies on Your Own? 4 Reasons Not to DIY as a Jacksonville Landlord

Handling Make-Readies on Your Own? 4 Reasons Not to DIY as a Jacksonville Landlord

We know it can be tempting for Jacksonville, FL, property owners to do the make-ready on their own. However, if you want to avoid a slew of costly repairs and mistakes that could result in unnecessary time and income loss, you'll need the help of a Jacksonville property management company that specializes in these services. 

Here are four reasons why a DIY the make-ready process can be a costly mistake for owners!

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What is a Thorough Make-Ready?

You probably already do at least a few things to get your rental property ready for new residents. However, unless you have a thorough make-ready process, you're probably missing a few things that can prevent a bad experience for new renters when they first move in. 

A Jacksonville property management expert recommends that your rent-ready process should include a thorough cleaning (top to bottom and inside out), a fresh coat of paint, clean floors (including a carpet shampoo), confirming that all appliances work, and conducting repairs (from minor issues to significant fixes). 

New tenants should move into a home that feels "like new" to them on move-in day. There should be no traces of your former tenants, and everything should be clean and in good working order. With a thorough make-ready process, new renters won't have to submit a maintenance request for a broken toilet or appliance immediately after moving in. 

An excellent rent-ready process welcomes new residents and starts your relationship with them on the right foot!

Not All Make-Readies Are the Same

The amount of time and labor involved in each unit's make-readies depends on the condition of the home when tenants leave it and how much work is needed to get it ready for new residents. 

When good renters leave your Jacksonville rental property in excellent condition, the home might not need extensive repairs or updates before it's ready for new tenants. However, Jacksonville, Fl property management professionals know that for older properties or situations when the rental has significant damage, outdated appliances, or needs new flooring, the make-ready will require more time (and money). 

While a standard make-ready process should apply to all properties, every rental will have different needs throughout the process before new renters can move in. 

What Are the Risks of DIY?

When Jacksonville property owners handle make-ready tasks on their own, there are risks that they may not know about—and these could be costly mistakes. Rushing through the rental preparation process to get your tenants into rental properties more quickly could also mean missing critical steps. A property manager will tell you that these issues could lead to unhappy renters, safety problems, or expensive repairs that could have been prevented during the rent-ready process. 

Repair Mistakes 

If you're not careful to check appliances and ensure door locks work properly (among other repairs), your new residents could end up with faulty plumbing or broken screens for months before your team has time to do another maintenance visit. That means more money lost from uncollected rent! 

Missed Safety Hazards 

The last thing Jacksonville, Fl owners want is an emergency situation where tenants' safety is at risk because of something like a loose railing or a damaged window lock. By the time these problems are discovered, someone could have already been injured as a result. 

Repair mistakes (or overlooking critical repair needs) leave you and your renters vulnerable to safety hazards in the home. This situation could lead to a lawsuit if a renter becomes injured due to your negligence. 

A Bad First Impression

Starting a new tenant relationship off well is critical to helping renters feel at home and your property (and encouraging them to renew their lease later)! However, if your rental properties don't deliver an excellent first impression, your new renters might be ready to move out again shortly after moving in. 

Taking the time to tackle every task on your rent-ready checklist is worth it when residents move into a sparkling clean home without any maintenance issues. 

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Choose Your Make-Ready Process Wisely

Does it ever make good sense to DIY the rent-ready process? If you only have one or two rental units and an excellent contractor and cleaning crew, handling make-readies without a professional property management firm can be relatively low-risk. 

However, if you operate multiple rentals and different types of homes, Jacksonville property management companies are a better choice to work quickly and efficiently through the make-ready while minimizing vacancy times. 

Get Ready for New Tenants With A Jacksonville Property Management Company!

The make-ready process can be overwhelming for DIY landlords in Jacksonville, Flespecially if they don't realize that they're missing critical tasks. Residential property managers know those unhappy renters and missed repairs can also hurt your bottom line. A property management company has a standard rent-ready process and contractors on hand to get your rentals ready for new tenants without missing a step or delaying the move-in day. 

Spectrum Realty Services conducts thorough make-readies to welcome tenants with all necessary steps completed before they arrive at their new home. Reach out and let us know if we can help you welcome your next renters with our expert property management services!

Find out what it takes to conduct a thorough rent-ready process! Download our free Make-Ready Checklist. 


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